On the Art of Building  2008

  • Architecture - Sculpture
  • Cut and Fill
  • The Second Floor
  • Shadow/Table
  • Trans-Portable
  • Studio
  • Portable Pavilion
  • Expansion - Contraction
  • Cube in Ground
  • Walk Down
  • Walk Up
  • Positions of Plywood
  • Positions of the 2 x 4

I spent 6 months as a fellow at the American Academy in Rome in 2005 reading, rethinking and drawing in response to Joseph Rykwert’s translation of On the Art of Building in Ten Books by Leon Battista Alberti. These images bring us back to first things, basic principles and simple acts.

How do we define space, raise ourselves up from the earth, and relate to others in confined spaces. These works reduce the complexity of the built world into essential elements in order for us to understand the commonplace and allow our imaginations to enter places uninhabitable.