Sets from Table/Building/Landscape    1988 -1989

1988 - 1989
  • Set A - Brush Strokes
  • Set B - Clay Removal
  • Set C - Axonometric Paintings
  • Set D - Axonometric from Wood to Red
  • Set E - Trackings (Drawings)
  • Set F - Semaphores
  • Set G - Xerox Displacement
  • Set H - Xerox Landscape
  • Set I - Verbal Definition
  • Set L - Acrylic Paintings from Life
  • Set M - Drawings Made Using Stove
  • Set N - Turning a Xerox into Three-Dimensions
  • Set O - Acrylic Paintings of a Three-dimensional Axonometric
  • Set P - Transformed Photographs
  • Set Q - Acryilc on Photographs (A)
  • Set R - Mass Production / One of a Kind
  • Set T - Acrylic on Photographs (B)
  • Set U - Xerox White-out

Using only the table/building as subject, I’ve explored a range of issues  from medium and scale to language and memory.  The horizontal surface of  the table/building can be alternatively understood as ground, table top, roof or cloud.  In “Set T”,  for example, the image of the table takes on mythological dimensions. One block in  sequence shows the horizontal plane of the building’s roof ripped apart, becoming sky and earth.  Another shows the building with roots and branches, implying its origins in the earth.  In “Set Q” the table/building undergoes a series of transformations: ghost images hover above, pieces of the table separate and float away, the table is eliminated leaving only its shadow, and the shadow becomes a table.